I love this picture. She’s got her game face on, like, “I am gonna sign the fuck out of this.”

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Anonymous said: Thank you for your wonderful response. Unfortunately, I have to admit I do rather hate Dick. I hate him more than someone like Mercer, whose over the top evil is alien to my experience. Dick I know, I've seen him in action, and it's not something I can shake off when I see him on screen, especially when it's not dealt with properly, or I should say dealt with full stop.



I completely understand hating Dick, because he is the type of person is more akin to what we experience In Real Life. And those people are toxic and dangerous and more than a little frightening, because they - in a very real way - have very few repercussions for their dickishness. We’re asked to excuse it, because “they don’t know any better” or because we’re perceived as overly sensitive - because they’re fun or funny or they have the booze. These are the micro aggressions people like Dick create in our actual and every day lives, and it’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about pointing out where the narrative fails to properly recognize or deal with that aspect of Dick.

Because Dick is a predatory character. He was part of a grope room, for god’s sake. He attempted to drug his girlfriend in order to sleep with her. He plied an already out of it girl with shots. Over and over again, we have proof that Dick Casablancas is exemplifying the every day shit that women have to deal with, and often put up with.

The issue when it comes to hating Dick, for me, is that I am more frustrated by the treatment of Dick, in show, than anything else.

Because the show kept alluding to a deeper story behind Dick’s reasoning but refused to deliver. Unlike Logan, where we see him doing horrible things and then are allowed to witness his horrible family situation, we only have glimpses of what the Casablancas house would have been like for Dick, and for Cassidy.

The show had the opportunity to examine how we raise our boys to exemplify the type of toxic masculinity Dick embodies, and actually dig in to what we do that allows our boys to see women as objects - as lesser beings who do not deserve the barest respect. We get snippets - Kendall, the treatment of Cassidy, Dick’s breakdowns, Dick’s issue with his father, but the show was so keen on keeping Dick as the plucky comic relief that it never gave this troubling and troubled character the opportunity to delve into this type of storyline.

Which is really too bad, because the real reason they kept Dick the plucky comic relief is because they liked Ryan, because Ryan is likable. Ryan is sincerely likable, and he is one of the only reasons I probably don’t hate Dick. Because as much of a predatory character Dick Casablancas is, Ryan exudes this weird sincerity. When Dick comes to hire Veronica, his feigned interest in the Mars’ abode comes off as weirdly genuine - like he is just this good guy who just happens to fall into doing these terrible things.

Which is where I think the disconnect comes in, because Ryan isn’t predatory and doesn’t necessarily play Dick as being predatory. He plays Dick as that guy you could chat with at a random party and not feel like that guy was going to try and roofie your drink. Which is both amazing and also terrible, because the guy who roofies your drink doesn’t necessarily send off the vibes - that’s how he gets away with roofiing your drink - but it also creates this audience connection with the character that might not otherwise have developed.

And since Ryan does have that innate likability, I think it’s a travesty that the writers didn’t give him meatier material that let him explore who Dick was on a consistent basis as opposed to just keeping the character at the surface level and having him do horrible stuff and never be called on it in text. I think the audience deserved more in the treatment of Dick, and I think Ryan did too.

Excellent assessment. Ryan’s likeability unfortunately makes Dick’s actions more horrifying, intentional or not, because there are people really like that. Like you said, it’s almost predatory, and like nevertothethird/Suzanne said, it makes me fear for Veronica’s well-being, not take a liking to Dick. Ryan’s portrayal is wonderful but as a writer, you adapt to the actor’s portrayal while considering the character and their actions (see: how the writing for V on OitNB changed because of the actress’ acting choices, although she still remained a psychopath).

Both Dick AND season one Logan are prime and terrifying examples of rape culture (even more relevant after the Steubenville assaults). I’m only bringing up Logan because it’s relevant here, but normally I wouldn’t because I believe going “but Logan” or “but Duncan” or “but Piz” is ultimately derailing the discussion at hand. Logan participated in a salt lick on Veronica and in her bullying, for fuck’s sake. The difference is Logan was later horrified by his own behavior, showed remorse and admitted his own guilt and Veronica wasn’t obligated to forgive him, and yet she did and he should’ve been kissing her feet.

Dick has never shown any such remorse, participated in continuous appalling behavior (the grope house) and the show still regards him as comic relief, which is alarming considering the reality that is sexual assault and the way blame is placed (more recently people blaming these actresses for being hacked and having their nudes exposed instead of blaming the hacker). Also relevant, Logan blames Piz and Gorya for taping and doesn’t hunt down the person forwarding the file of Veronica’s sex tape to the campus. Now, this could be commentary on how this behavior is handled in real life, except the cast and crew clearly regard Dick as a harmless scamp, oh gee golly gosh, isn’t he just hilarious?

I love Ryan, I think he’s great. But when the cast, crew, fans, critics, etc start making excuses for his deplorable, terrifying behavior simply because Ryan is awesome…I have a problem with that. Separate character and actor. I love Iwan Rheon but I want Ramsay Bolton to die a painful death- Iwan plays him excellently but Ramsay is fucking deplorable. And likewise, as I’ve said over and over, I don’t need a redemption story for Dick. He can be horrible. But when the cast says they all want to play Dick (except Percy and Francis, bless), and there’s a rush to excuse Dick’s horrid behavior and to derail valid concerns from people, especially considering the constant sexual assaults and shaming toward women, especially as of late…it scares me. It really does. Concerns, especially regarding rape, rape culture, assault, race relations, and so on should never be silenced or brushed aside. I may not agree with criticisms regarding shows and movies I watch, but I accept and respect the opinions given. We have to. It’s important to do so.

This is a franchise about a strong, wonderfully realistic woman who happens to also be a sexual assault/rape survivor. The startling protection/glorification/love of Dick by the show/cast/crew/etc is just unacceptable and troubling to me. The cast and crew are entitled to their opinions, and they can write Dick however they want to write him, but viewers are allowed to be repelled and take issue with it.

This is the last I’m talking about this because I’ve made my issues on such a very sensitive and personal subject clear and I do not feel like I need to keep arguing and defending my point, especially since the discussion has been upsetting in various degrees. I respect all disagreement and opposing opinion but I am tapping out.



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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part I)

The St Louis County Council wasn’t as bad as Ferguson’s Council, but still very few answers and virtually no accountability from the folks who unleashed unholy hell on the residents of Ferguson, following Brown’s murder. #staywoke #farfromover


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amazing that there are living humans out there who have chosen to label other groups of people “justice warriors” and align themselves as directly opposed to them. opposed to justice. look in the mirror. tell yourself “i hate justice”. do you feel like a batman villain yet.

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Michael Cinco Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013/2014 at Fashion Forward, Dubai

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